Twayne Authors Series added as a new subscription database

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The Twayne Authors Series combines Twayne’s U.S. Authors, Twayne’s English Authors, and Twayne’s World Authors. Each of these individual titles provides literary criticism for approximately 200 authors, bringing the total number of authors covered in the Series to nearly 600.

The Twayne Series offers criticism by scholars on hundreds of years of literature–from ancient Greece to the modern era. It provides critical introductions to the lives and works of writers, to the history and influence of literary movements, or the development of literary genres.

Each title entry in Twayne Authors is structured in a consistent format: All titles feature elements such as a chronology, a biography, a comprehensive critical analysis, and an annotated bibliography. Major works of authors are discussed and analyzed in depth. The discussions of each author in the series generally cover between 175-200 printed pages.

Three primary search paths offer different approaches to discovering information about authors and their works:

  • Authors A-Z. Enables the user to quickly select an author name or topic from a comprehensive list to find critical discussion, chronologies, bibliographies, and other information on an author’s works and literary career.
  • In Depth Search. Enables the user to design a specific search using such criteria as Author Name, Genre, Time Period, Gender, Nationality (for Twayne’s World Authors), and Full Text.
  • Research Ideas. View curriculum related topics then select from a variety of authors writing within those topics as research starting points.

Links to this database can be found in the library’s web site, either from the front page alphabet list of resources or the Literature database subject page.

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