H.W. Wilson databases cancelled

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UML Libraries decided to not renew our three H.W. Wilson databases this fiscal year. The three titles were Art Full Text, Education Full Text, and Biography Index. As substitutes for two of these titles we have added two Ebsco databases: Art & Architecture and Education Research Complete. Biography Index was not receiving enough interest to warrent its renewal.

Our decisions were based in large part on budget constraints. The Ebsco resources were purchased in a package that also included Political Science Complete. PSC is intended to replace the CSA database Worldwide Political Science Abstacts, which won’t be renewed after it expires at the end of the year. PSC has the advantage of offering extensive coverage in full text.

We carefully compared the two Ebsco databases that covered the same subject areas as two of the Wilson databases and determined that differences in content were slight while the differences in cost were substantial.

In addition, since all of the Ebsco databases pull full text articles from each other to supplement indexed articles that aren’t provided in full text in some databases, the larger pool of full text articles increases coverage in all of the Ebsco databases.

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