Irish Newspaper Archive releases new interface features

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Highlights of new website features released by the Irish Newspaper Archive include visibility of corrections and references, zoom controls and many others:

Newspaper View Changes
1. Added support for zoom in/out directly on page. Added “+” and “-” buttons to the toolbar.
2. Added sharing of article pages via Facebook and Twitter.
3. Added, “pin” button which allows switching between a docked and floating state of the toolbar.
4. Implemented automatic hiding of “Sections” button for newspapers having less than 2 sections.
5. Replaced flipping page corners with page navigation buttons at left / right side of the viewer.
6. Added highlighting of search term hits on pages (in addition to highlighting of selected search result).
7. Supported two behaviors for “click on page”: open article or zoom in/out (controlled by configuration). By default, “click on page” zooms in to 100%.
8. Improved integration with search results: double-clicking one of “found” articles on newspaper page behaves exactly as it does when you open it from search results (e.g. hits are highlighted and “previous/next search result” buttons become available). APA 5.0 just highlighted hits without the option to navigate search results.
9. Improved toolbar icons
10. Added support for touch screens
11. Added flipping of pages with swipe gestures – either touch or mouse.
12. Added support of full-page ads between newspaper pages
13. Added support of rich media

Search View Changes
1. Search in bylines
2. Date range search now includes calendar-based UI for selecting a date range.
3. UI to enable easy searching across multiple publications (combo box with checkboxes).
4. Search results analytics (chart) by demand.
5. Added drop-down menus to enable refinement of search query with data from search results (“Limit to this publication”, “Exclude from search” etc.)
6. Improved design of search results (changed colors, re-ordered data, improved text snippets around hits, cropped high image clippings etc.)

Article View Changes
1. Added support of “see also” links – they are appended to the end of the article’s content.
2. Added a “Back” button that allows returning to the previous article after clicking “see also” or the continuation link.
3. Added sharing of articles via Facebook and Twitter.
4. Added a “Link to article” button in the viewer’s toolbar.
5. Added a bar with information about the article’s source: publication name, issue date, section and page label.
6. Added support for manual resizing of the article viewer popup.
7. Article viewer automatically resizes itself to better fit size of the content.
8. Improved the design of the article toolbar.

Browser navigation history
1. Application’s panels (home, browse, search etc.) are now integrated into the browser’s navigation history. Users can use the browser’s Back button to return to the previous screen.
2. Tracks search queries that users launch in the application (including “automatic” ones that occur when users click the column bar in a search results chart or select some value from the filter menus). It is also now possible to use browser’s back button to return to the previous search query.

My Collection changes
1. When the user opens the article viewer from the “My Collection” view, he/she can navigate to next/previous article without closing the viewer by pressing the corresponding buttons in the toolbar (similar to navigation within search results).
2. ”My collection” is now stored for each application and user

Print and Share Changes
1. Added metadata (publication name, issue date, section name, page label) to the print and share HTML pages
2. Article sharing has been fixed so that the recipient of the shared article doesn’t have to have a subscription account in order to view the article being shared.

About the Irish Newspaper Archive

The Irish Newspapers Archive is the world’s largest online database of Irish Newspapers from which it is possible to search, retrieve and view Ireland’s past in the exact format it was published. With many of Ireland’s most prominent regional, daily and out of print titles, membership allows access to the most comprehensive and complete Irish newspaper archive available.

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