ARTstore updates

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ARTstor is collaborating with the World Monument Fund (WMF) to share approximately 2,000 images of architecture and monuments from the around the world. The World Monuments Watch calls international attention to cultural heritage around the world that is threatened by neglect, vandalism, conflict, or disaster. The collection in ARTstor will consist of images documenting various Watch List sites and monuments, with a particular focus on art and architecture.

Now Available: More than 1,000 additional images from the Metropolitan Museum of ArtThis latest release brings the total number of images from the Metropolitan to more than 8,700 in the ARTstor Digital Library. Hundreds of these new images are also being made available through Images for Academic Publishing (IAP), now totaling 6,462 images in the Digital Library.

Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) seeks to facilitate scholarship in the arts by reducing the costs associated with publishing images in academic journals and similar publications. Image providers participating in IAP have supplied publication-quality images and agreed to make them available free-of-charge for use in scholarly publications. As a service to the community, ARTstor has developed the software to deliver these publication-quality images to users.

ARTstor users can download IAP images by providing some basic information and agreeing to the IAP Terms & Conditions of Use. To find an image that is available through IAP, simply add “IAP” to your search criteria. IAP images will have an icon reading “IAP” located directly beneath their thumbnail image.

In addition to AIP images offered by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ARTstor also offers 3,900 images from the Mellink Archive (Bryn Mawr College).


Gale Powersearch 2.0 webinars

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Gale’s new Powersearch 2.0 platform was released for Massachusetts regional library users on Tuesday, Sept. 1.  For those who would like to gain more familiarity with the new functionality, the MBLC has arranged for two Massachusetts only webinars to help regional members become more familiar with the new features. One important new aspect of the new platform that will be examined are the many customization opportunities for libraries to push meaningful content to users.

These webinars do not require advance registration.

The Massachusetts only webinars will be conducted by Stacey Knibloe on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 11AM and Tuesday, Oct. 6 at noon. Instructions for logging on are provided below.  You just need access to the Internet and a separate telephone near your computer.


Prior to the conference, please visit to prepare your computer for the web portion. You will need administrator privileges to install the plug-in.  If you experience any technical difficulties please contact our service provider’s help desk at 1-800-866-0888.


Primary Dial-In: 1 (866) 394-9513 (this is a toll-free call)

Passcode: 9722341#



Prior to logging into the meeting, ensure popup blocker is turned off on your browser.

1. Dial the audio conference dial-in number noted above and enter the passcode as prompted.

2. Click on this meeting URL:

3. On the Meeting Center page, enter your name and e-mail address.

4. Click on the “Sign-in” button.

5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Join” to enter your conference.

6.  Should your computer require any updates to accommodate web conferencing, an additional message will be displayed. Follow the instructions to prepare your computer for the meeting. These updates should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


1. Copy and paste the following URL in your web browser:

2. Copy and paste the Meeting Key: 70541837085689

3. Click on the “Sign-in” button

4. On the Meeting Center page, enter your name and e-mail address.

5. Click on the “Sign-in” button.

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Join” to enter your conference.