Annual Reviews provides access to two new journals

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Annual Reviews is providing complementary access to the first year of two new publications:

The Annual Review of Linguistics

The Annual Review of Vision Science   URL not yet available

Complimentary online access will be available for the first year for all customers. There are no permanent data rights with this complimentary access.

The Annual Review of Linguistics will cover significant developments in the field of linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces. Reviews will synthesize advances in linguistic theory, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, language change, biology and evolution of language, typology, as well as applications of linguistics in many domains.

The Annual Review of Vision Science reviews progress in the visual sciences, a cross-cutting set of disciplines which intersect psychology, neuroscience, computer science, cell biology and genetics, and clinical medicine. The journal covers the broad range of topics and techniques that spans the range and vibrancy of modern vision science, including optics, retina, central visual processing, visual perception, eye movements, visual development, vision models, computer vision, and the mechanisms of visual disease, dysfunction, and sight restoration. The study of vision is central to progress in many areas of science, and this new journal will explore and expose the connections that link it to biology, behavior, computation, engineering, and medicine.

About Annual Reviews

Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews
written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for 46 focused
disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences including Economics.

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the worldwide scientific
community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad
spectrum of scientific disciplines.

Scribner Writers Series available in Gale Virtual Reference Library

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Twenty-two titles from the Scribner Writers Series has been added to the Literature subject section of the Gale Virtual Reference Library available now through the UMass Libraries’ web site.

The Scribner Writers Series delivers online access to numerous Scribner publications: American Writers, African American Writers, Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome, British Writers, European Writers, Modern American Women Writers, Supernatural Fiction Writers, Writers for Young Adults and many others. In total the series contains more than 2,000 original, scholar-signed biocritical entries. Each entry averages 15-20 pages in length and includes a concise essay, hyperlinks for cross-referencing, and biographical information that places the author’s work in personal and historical context. Many authors examined from multiple perspectives through two, three or sometimes four essays.

Coverage of literary topics includes African Americans, Writing and Nature; Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon Poetry; The Bible as Sacred Literature; The Female Detective; Gay and Lesbian Mystery Fiction; The Gothic Novel; Renaissance and Short Fiction; Greek Lyric Poets and many more.

The Scribner Series consists of the following titles:

African American Writers 2001 2nd ed.
African Writers 1997 1st ed.
American Nature Writers 1996 1st ed.
American Writers 2012
American Writers Classics 2003
American Writers Retrospective
Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome 1st ed.
Books of the Bible 1989 1st ed.
British Writers 2002
British Writers Classics 2003
British Writers Retrospective
European Writers 1983
Latin American Writers 1989 1st ed.
Latino and Latina Writers 2004
Modern American Women Writers 1991 1st ed.
Mystery and Suspense Writers 1998 1st ed.
Poets: American and British 1st ed.
Science Fiction Writers 1982 2nd ed.
Supernatural Fiction Writers 2003 1st ed.
World Poets 2000
Writers for Children 1988
Writers for Young Adults 1997 1st ed.

Access these titles through the Literature Subject Section of the Gale Virtual Reference Library or through UMass Lowell Library’s Literature Database Subject webpage.

Films on Demand Releases New Enhancements

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Films On Demand, the streaming-video documentary web site, has been redesigned. The platform is now simpler to navigate and use and easier to find the videos you need.

Films on Demand offers over 6,000 free streaming documentary videos available to all UMass Lowell students, faculty, and staff, with unlimited simultaneous viewing available everywhere 24/7 on campus and off campus over the web. And now with its new enhanced features it should be more functional and user friendly than ever.

Redesigned Interface

The new streamlined interface includes a revised home page that features a drop-down dynamic list of all of the individual subjects to which UMass Lowell subscribes, showcasing recently added videos for each. In addition, each subject now has a unique landing page with an authenticated page link. To access a subject page, you can click on the new “Subjects” drop-down menu at the top of any page. To view a complete index of all of the subjects in your institution’s collection, click on the new “Index” link at the bottom of any page.

New Video Player

Also featured is a new video player that provides dynamic bit-rate switching for the optimum viewing experience, automatically adjusting within a 200K-through-1.5mb-bit-rate range depending on the type of device being used and your available bandwidth; users no longer need to select their target bandwidth themselves from a drop-down menu. As a result of this new player, the Windows Media format is no longer available. Any users with Windows Media as their default setting will be automatically converted to the new embedded player.

Now iPad Friendly

All of the Films On Demand videos have been re-encoded in H.264 format to allow playback on any iOS device. With the new video player, users can now watch any titles in the UMass Lowell 6,000+ Films On Demand collection on an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone. The new design is optimized to allow easy navigation of the Films On Demand platform from either a computer or an iPad with an Internet connection.

New Special Collections from Key Producers

Another new feature is an additional way to easily browse titles from some of the most popular producers of videos in Films On Demand. The “Special Collections” tab at the top of every screen lists these producers; just click on any producer’s logo to access a list of all their titles in the collection, organized by subject category.

Improved Search Options

The basic search has been enhanced with a new Search Assist autocomplete feature: when users type a keyword in the search box, suggested full titles or segment titles that contain that keyword appear. Users can now also cross-search multiple subjects and Special Collections using the Advanced Search options.

Access Films On Demand now and begin enjoying it’s superb educational offerings!

Springer Images app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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Springer Media has released a new Images App that provides three levels of access to the SpringerImages database:

  • Basic: Free Access to scientific images from peer-reviewed, Open Access articles.
  • Medical and Life Sciences: Paid mobile access to over 1.6 million medical and life sciences images. Available via
  • Full: Paid mobile access to the complete collection of over 2.8 million images. Available via

The SpringerImages app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

SpringerImages is a continually updated and expanding collection of over 2.8 million images spanning the scientific, technical and medical fields. The SpringerImages database is composed of photos, graphs, diagrams, figures and tables from Springer’s ebook collection, journal portfolio and images.MD.

  • View images and related text.
  • Search image captions, keywords and references to refine search results.
  • Bookmark images for later research.
  • Email images to your friends and colleagues.

More information about SpringerImages can be found on the SpringerImages Help pages.

SpringerImages is provided by Springer Science+Business Media (, a leading global scientific publisher.

Turnitin new institutional account password

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Last week our institutional account password for Turnitin access was changed due to concerns that it had become publicly accessible. This account password is meant to be used solely by UML faculty and should not be shared.

For information regarding the new university account password or any other issues concering Turnitin please contact Joseph Fisher at O’Leary Library: or call 978-934-4665.

JSTOR Platform Update Release

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On August 21 JSTOR released a major new platform update that offers many new features.

What’s New:

Home Page: Browse by discipline from the home page allows you to see everything in the JSTOR archive in a specific discipline, both licensed and unlicensed content.

Advanced Search Page: The default is to search full-text content in the collections licensed by an institution. A user may also choose to search across all content in the JSTOR archive, both licensed and unlicensed.

Search Results Page:
- You can save a search to be run later, storing it in a MyJSTOR account.
- The default option is to search full-text content available to you. You can also choose to search across all content in the JSTOR archive.
-You can chose to view only results you have access to, or all search results.
-Access icons indicate which content you have access to from your IP address or via a remote login.

List of Volumes and Issues Page:
-Lists of issues in each decade can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the plus or minus sign.
-Some more recent issues can be browsed in JSTOR even though they are not yet in the archive, and the full text is available on one of our linking partners’ sites. These issues are indicated by a yellow arrow box.

Item Information Page:
-The search box at this level offers the choice to search within this issue, this journal title, or across all content (“All Titles”).
-The PDF file size is listed so users can know how big the downloaded file will be.
-References and Items that Cite this Item are listed below the citation.

Export Citations: You can select as many citations as you like for direct export or emailing.
Although you can save these citations to a MyJSTOR account, it is not required in order to export or email them.

For more detailed information, view this PDF presentation.

Free Ovid Webcast: Improving Nursing with Technology

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Ovid Technologies is offering a free online Webcast titled “Improving Nursing Practice with Information and Technology”  on Thursday, April 29, 2010, at 12:00 – 1:00 EST.

Anne Dabrow Woods, Chief Nurse of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Ovid will discuss how and where nurses are using information in practice today and what uses are on the horizon for tomorrow.

How do nurses access and use information in practice today? In educational settings? As part of their professional development? And how does that setting…
  • An acute care institution
  • Primary care facilities
  • An educational or research environment

…determine what information is needed and how it will be used?

To help address these topics, Anne will be joined by Linda Laskowski-Jones, MS, RN, ACNS-BC, CCRN, CEN, the Vice President of Emergency, Trauma and Aeromedical Services at Christiana Care Health System in Wilmington, Delaware, and editor-in-chief Nursing2010, who will talk about the real-world trends in information and technology in nursing practice at a hospital that is both highly-committed to technology and has achieved Magnet status in nursing.

This webcast will also summarize the main takeaways from a new in-depth white paper prepared by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Ovid that analyzes their own research findings into how nurses in North American access and use information in practice, education, and professional development environments.

Discussing the implications of the research with Anne will be Mark Barragry, Director of Strategic Growth Markets at Ovid and Nick Scheponik, Manager of Market Research, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Ovid.

Plus, Webcast attendees will receive the full white paper during the webcast via email, one week before it will be generally available.


Ovid Technologies is a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals and institutions in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy.  Major brands include traditional publishers of medical and drug reference tools and textbooks, such as Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Facts & Comparisons; and electronic information providers, such as Journals@ Ovid and UpToDate.

RefWorks Alumni Program

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RefWorks has announced that their Alumni Program will now be offered as a standard feature of RefWorks, providing lifelong access to users that are alumni of subscribing institutions, such as UMass Lowell.

This is a free service that is now available to all alumni. My understanding is that if current students have accounts, then those accounts will not expire after student graduates. RefWorks asks only that they switch their “Type of User” accounts to “Alumni.” Current alumni presumably are also eligible.

As long as an institution subscribes to RefWorks, alumni will have access, allowing them to continue using their personal research databases for future professional and academic endeavors.

To learn more about the Alumni Program, visit the  Alumni Program FAQs.

Upgrades to Refworks

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The University Site license for RefWorks has been enhanced.  RefWorks accounts for faculty now have unlimited amounts of storage space.  RefWorks accounts for students are now 1 gigabyte per account.  Refworks has added the option of attaching the actual article to the Refworks record.  These enhancements have been added by RefWorks, at no additional cost to the University.  Other enhancements are on the horizon, watch this space for updates!

H.W. Biography database trial

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H.W. Wilson has provided UML with trial access for the month of October to Biography Reference Bank Select Edition. For a link to the trial, visit the UML Library Database Trial and New Resources  page.

This in-depth 100% full-text biographical resource, provides comprehensive coverage of people in the news and throughout history from ancient times to the present. It covers over 236,000 individuals, plus more than 36,000 images. The content of the database comes from a wide variety of high quality Wilson resources, featuring biographical profiles, feature articles, interviews, essays, book reviews, performance reviews, speeches (Wilson’s Speeches of the American Presidents), or obituaries. The entire range of journal content that is indexed at Wilson is examined daily for content appropriate for inclusion in this database.